Up for Discussion: Travel Photography


As many of you know I have a trip planned next year to go to the United States.  I will be visiting Laura Macky on the west coast and then over to New York for a week.  I am really excited about this trip, but I don’t know what gear to take, how to take it, etc, so I was talking online with Robin one day, and I know he does a fair bit of this, so I asked if he would write something for us on how to go about getting your camera gear ready for a trip.  Robin, has written for me before, well part of a post, and he also has his own blog, photographybykent.

Travel Photography

Kent Tripod

What to take? What to leave behind? Unless you are attending an instructor-led workshop and have been given a list of what to bring, these two questions can drive…

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Weekend Wanderings – Getting Dark in the City


Yesterday I was in the city doing some photos with someone.  We started in the late afternoon and took photos until just after 9pm, it was really getting dark in the city then, so I thought I would do some of those photos as my Weekend Wandering post today.


Melbourne Town Hall, it is looking rather ordinary at the moment, but in a month or two I’m sure it will be decorated for Christmas.  I like photographing the same buildings over, they are always different, whether it is the light, or what they have on them.  I would like do a great fine art architectural shot of this building.  I realised yesterday that I will need to use my wide angle, otherwise I can’t fit in the tower.


Stopping at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the Block Arcade is almost something I can’t stop doing.  I didn’t get many photos…

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